Together we are stronger!

Who is behind „I am Europe“?

In case you are wondering if the „I am Europe“ initiative that you are considering to share or to promote is the idea of some kind of organization or a political party, well – it is not!

I am a „normal“ person that has always felt blessed to live under the peace and prosperity that a united Europe has granted us. When the UK – a country that I have called home for more than 3 years – decided to leave us, I was utterly heartbroken!
I felt that something had been taken away from me and much worse – potentially from my children…

Nobody is saying that the European Union is perfect – just like everything else, it does have its flaws, and probably many of them… However, I believe that its benefits greatly outnumber those flaws.

Therefore I have decided that in times when many choose to focus on the negative, I will try to create as much positive momentum for this Union as I possibly can.
For it is that very Union that I believe will ensure my children’s ability to grow up and live with the same opportunities, safety, diversity and values that I – until now – have taken for granted.

In light of the geopolitical developments of late, I am convinced that Europeans, despite all our problems and differences, should stand CLOSER TOGETHER than ever before.

If you feel the same, then join me in saying: I still believe in Europe!

I am convinced that every voice counts.

Let them be heard.